Discover Your Path to e-commerce growth with our Assessments

Fresh Perspective Assessment

Think of the Fresh Perspective Assessment as the discovery phase for User Experience and technology – yes, it’s that complete. At the end of six weeks, you will have workable solutions for improving functionality, UX, and technology, along with a high-level agile sprint delivery plan.

9-Point Assessment

The 9-Point Assessment is a 2-week confidence builder. This expert assessment examines the health of your site’s functionality, user experience, and technology. We provide prioritized recommendations, which we showcase in an interactive prototype so you can see what they look like in the wild.

CXA Assessment

Launching a website is one thing; constantly improving it is the holy grail – at least from your customer’s perspective. Our 2-week CXA assessment starts to uncover the top-of-funnel and bottom-of-funnel friction points your customers may be experiencing. We then offer workable solutions to improve conversion.

Performance Assessment

We love performance assessments so much; we came up with two. Our first provides a quick two-week front-end UI analysis of your website’s overall site speed. Our second is a four-week assessment which is a more comprehensive one that examines both your front and back end. The latter Assessment also provides a high-level sprint delivery plan.

Flex Assessment

Whilst the 9 Point Assessment itself can be reasonably flexible, we have found that some clients have very focused views on what they want us to look at, or else they want to extend the 9 Point in some way. We will therefore tailor the Flex Assessment in line with those requirements.