Building a customized Magento UI solution for Chicagoland’s aquatic pool specialists


User Interface Development


Magento 2


The client is Chicagoland’s premiere aquatic specialist, who has been servicing the pool and spa industry for over 30 years. They deal in chemicals, equipment, installations, training, and project consulting. They are a preferred vendor for many elite associations, including clubs, health and fitness centers, educational institutes, parks, and YMCAs throughout Illinois.


The client wanted to update their eCommerce website to provide customized offerings to buyers by improving eCommerce strategies.

Some of the critical challenges faced by the client are mentioned below:

    • The existing website did not fulfill business requirements.
    • Needed to upgrade the website without impacting the current features.
    • Low business efficiency.
    • Needed to develop and design each screen with updated user experience.
    • Complexities in different areas of business processes.

RCDC suggested to the client to use Magento 2 community edition. Magento is a trusted open-source platform for building eCommerce websites. It offers flexible, scalable eCommerce solutions as well as the capability to customize the platform. Magento is an SEO-friendly content management system that helps maintain the standards of mobile and web design.

As part of the implementation scope, RCDC performed the following activities:

    • Used freely available theme and customized as per the user experience (UX) to deliver a fast and responsive experience to users.
    • Ensured the existing features of the website remained intact.
    • Implemented new functionalities on the website using standard Magento features and extensions.
    • In addition, our team customized them according to business and UX requirements.
    • Adjusted background images using SVG Images
    • Added Custom Load More functionality for Instagram posts.


  • Offered reliable and responsive experience to users.
  • Better user flow, with improved speed and efficiency.
  • Developed an advanced web application. Covered all the touchpoints, including web, mobile, and tablet.
  • Same design/theme across all used extensions.
  • Displays a limited number of Instagram posts during website loading.
  • Customers can view more posts by clicking on “Load More”.